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Intentionality in our Personal & Professional Growth Plans (PPGP)

Our school division asks each year for teachers and administrators to submit a Professional Growth Plans. I think we need them, but personally I share John Maxwell's ideology that stresses we don't have the same level of success if we don't combine our Professional Growth Plans with our Personal Growth Plans. In fact, I don't think you can really separate the two, so I call it the Personal and Professional Growth Plan (PPGP). This isn't allows an easy task to complete, but yet an important exercise if not for the administrator who collects them, but particularly for the staff member. When we get the busiest, if we don't have a plan for our growth, it's easy to get off track. I realize the School Division wants PGP - Professional Growth Plans, but I like the PPGP - Personal & Professional Growth Plans because it about setting goals for the whole person. None of us live our lives in complete isolation and focusing only on the professional goals. Life is always happening around, and it's important to think about personal goals that will help reach our professional goals. It's all connected.

Following the First Nations model, I like the staff to consider the four dimensions - Intellectual, Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical when they set their goals.For example, to grow intellectually they may read journals or books, engage in PLC or PD by going to conferences or workshops, take extra classes at university, or learn a new skill. For spiritual growth it can range from reading a good book, participating in church ministry opportunities or cultural activities, having regular quiet time, or practice speaking the language of the virtues. Emotional goals may be working on relationships with a spouse, children, family or friends, taking personal time to recharge and energize, reading, or schedule regular for you and a loved one to talk and visit. Finally physical goals are losing weight, eating healthy, stop smoking, running a marathon, getting active, and get more sleep. All of these goals directly effect our ability to be the kind of professional we want to be or need to be.

Maybe it's the years of virtues training, but I want my life to practice purposefulness with a level of intentionality. Here's my PPGP for this year.

Personal & Professional Growth Plan Framework

Name:        Vincent Hill                                         School Year: 2014 - 2015
“The Vision”Personal Professional Goal(s)—What will I achieve?

Intellectual: I will have a greater understanding of Alberta Education, and the inner workings of the Alberta school system at large. I will stay abreast of current education trends and strategies and after carefully analyzing our Bassano School practices and shortfalls make appropriate adjustments to ensure we meeting the needs of the students.

Emotional: I will take the appropriate time to foster my emotional health that makes me a positive influence in the school with students and staff.

Physical: Continue to maintain my fitness level and stay with my fitness plan that demonstrates to students and staff the importance of staying healthy and fit.

Spiritual: Continue to strive to live my life according to the virtues that sees the good in others and lives it as well. I want my life to count for how I can positively affect change in our students

“The Plan” Strategies and Activities —How will I achieve my goal(s)?
Intellectual: I will:
  1.            Attend conferences that relate to learning strategies,
  2.            Apply myself to asking questions, or participate in events that will help me fully understand how and Alberta Education is doing,
  3.            Read the books on my list that I have started or yet to start: Out of our Minds – Ken Robinson, Sparks, How Parents Can Ignite the Hidden Strengths of Teenagers – Peter Benson, To Sell is Human – Dan Pink, The Progress Principle - Teresa Amabile & Steven Kramer, and other recommended,
  4.            Lead and participate Jr. & Sr. PLC at school discussing Cross-Curricular Competencies,
  5.            Participate in #SatChat and #SunChat PLC Twitter discussions regularly,
  6.            Start Twitter PLC group with #, like I did in SK with #SKMathChat,
  7.            Maintain weekly blog as a Reflective exercise,
  8.            Read Zite and Flipboard articles daily to apply to my teaching practice and Tweet to those who follow me on Twitter,
  9.            Watch TedTalk videos weekly to stay informed on current topics,
  10.            Work together with staff on Project Based Learning strategies,
  11.            Write a proposal to speak at a conference with Sean Beaton. 
Emotional: I will:
  1.            Meet with my mentor regularly to bounce ideas and challenges affecting me at the school,
  2.            Maintain a healthy balance between work and home,
  3.            Read books purely for my enjoyment and help me unwind,
  4.            Go out on date nights with my wife and talk about life,
  5.            Get together with friends and family regularly.
Physical: I will:
  1.            Continue to work-out in the gym over the winter, and run outdoors when the weather warms up again,
  2.            Get the proper sleep that I need to operate effectively,
  3.            Eat healthy and keep the weight off that I lost before I came to Bassano,
  4.            Drink more water
Spiritual: I will:
  1.            Attend church regularly,
  2.            Participate in the Church Bible Study
  3.            Maintain my personal daily devotional time
  4.            Love myself and be true to myself

"The Support"Resources—What do I have do or need to achieve my goal(s)?

Intellectual:  I need to practice the virtues of Excellence, Determination, and Self-Discipline to grow myself professionally so that I can continue to raise academic achievement levels for students,

Emotional: I need to practice the virtues of peacefulness, joyfulness, and love to grow my emotional wellbeing so that I can be the support I want to be for the students and staff,

Physical: I need to practice the virtues of commitment, purposefulness, and respect to maintain physical health to do the demanding job I do that requires lots of hours to make it the school I want it to be,

Spiritual: I need to practice honour, idealism, and unity to create a positive school climate for students and staff alike where everyone feels the care we want to bring to everyone.

“The Proof”Indicators—How will I know I have achieved my goal(s)?

Intellectual: The school will continue to improve academically with the vision and leadership I bring each day. If I want the staff to grow, I must grow and be willing to try new ideas that bring results.

Emotional: The students feel safe and know that we care about them and their needs enough to find the resources and help for whatever challenges they are facing in life.

Physical: The school commits themselves to be healthy in every area of life meaning making good choices about anything that we eat or drink or put in our bodies.

Spiritual: The school unites with al our diversity and treats one another as we would wish to be treated with honour and respect.

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