Thursday, October 16, 2014

Animoto - Love it!

Well I'm back at it again with Animoto. What a great tool. Easy to use. And creates great quality videos.

While my Video Production class is working on a HD quality Terry Fox video with script, storyboard, interviews, voice overs, and whole works which we will share later, I pulled a bunch of random photos and one video clip and had this video done on Animoto in less than five minutes. You got to love that.

The side benefit of this app is that I also have the education account which gives me the opportunity to create longer videos and share out my promo code to up to 50 students and colleagues. I'm going to love playing with this tool again after taking a short break from it.

It's a great way to promote the school and students particularly after running an event in the school, or completing a project the students have been working on in a class. Students have so much fun with this tool. You can find it at

Here is my quick sample video:

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