Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Husky Energy Aboriginal Awards

Aboriginal Education Awards

Husky believes that education is paramount in developing and sustaining a successful community.
Husky awards bursaries to six new recipients each year. The bursaries are as follows:
Number of Bursaries 
Award per School Year
University (maximum four years of funding)
Community/Technical College (maximum two years of funding)
Secondary School (maximum one year of funding)

The bursaries are awarded to each recipient during the last week of August. Once selected, each recipient receives a bursary each year until the program of study is completed, provided that the criteria for the Educational Awards Program is met (i.e., one year for a secondary diploma, two years for a college/technical school diploma or four years for a university degree).
Recipients do not reapply for their bursaries in subsequent years. They must, however, provide Aboriginal Affairs with an official transcript of their marks for their previous year of study and a letter of acceptance or proof of full-time registration from their selected educational institution for the upcoming school year, by August 15.
Students who have received a bursary for secondary school and have successfully completed their program must re-apply for a bursary to pursue a two-year college, technical school program, or university program. Two-year college or technical school program graduates must re-apply for a bursary if they wish to continue their education in a university program.
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