Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Habits of the Mind and Heart

This week I read an article titled, "Habits of Mind," that it sent me on a chase to track down the original list from Costa and Kallick. Here is the link. Interesting stuff.

But as I'm reading this list I started noticing the similarities with the list and with the virtues we use in our classrooms here, and thought about taking a stab at adapting the list for a school using the Virtues Project material and keeping things consistent for those involved.

1. Practicing Perseverance

Don't give up easily. Analyze a problem, develop a system, structure, or strategy to attack a problem.

2. Live Intentionally with Idealism

Think before you act. Intentionally form a vision of a product, plan of action, goal or a destination before they begin.

3. Listening with Understanding

Listening is the beginning of understanding..... To empathize with, and to understand their point of view.

4. Think with Flexibility

Flexible people are the ones with the most control. They have the capacity to change their mind as they receive additional data.

5. Commitment to Thinking About our Thinking (Metacognition)

Metacognition is our ability to know what we know and what we don't know. Plan a strategy before embarking on a course of action.

6. Striving For Excellence

The desire for craftsmanship, mastery, flawlessness and economy of energy to produce exceptional results.

7. Questioning and Posing Problems with Assertiveness

Effective problem solvers know how to ask questions to fill in the gaps between what they know and what they don't know.

8. Applying Past Knowledge with Wisdom

Intelligent human beings learn from experience.

9. Thinking and Communicating with Truthfulness

Support your statements with explanations, comparisons, quantification, and evidence.

10. Gathering Data with Tact and Integrity

Intelligent people know that all information gets into the brain through the sensory pathways: gustatory, olfactory, tactile, kinesthetic, auditory, visual, most linguistic, cultural.

11. Imagining Solutions with Creativity

Creative human beings try to conceive problem solutions differently, examining alternative possibilities from many angles.

12. Responding with Wonderment and Awe

Creative thinkers who have a passion for what they do. "I CAN" attitude, but also an "I ENJOY" feeling.

13. Taking Risks with Responsibility

The urge to go beyond established limits. Risk takers seem compelled to place themselves in situations where they do not know what the outcome will be,

14. Engaging in Gentle Humor

People who engage in the mystery of humor have the ability to perceive situations from an original and often interesting vantage point.

15. Work in Unity and Cooperation

Cooperative humans realize that all of us together are more powerful, intellectually and/or physically, than any one individual

16 Learning with Purposefulness and Enthusiasm

Intelligent people are in a continuous learning mode.. People with this Habit of Mind are always striving for improvement, always growing, always learning, always modifying and improving themselves.

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