Monday, November 17, 2008

Week 4

Last week, I changed the background to black to honour Remembrance Day. I hope you took the time to watch the videos.It is pretty important to remember our veterans.

This week, I'm suppose to challenge each one of us to explore a digital too or resource for learning. We are very fortunate to have an engaging, never-tiring, course designer at Credenda, Randy Robert, who loves to share new tools and resources that he has found on the web. I honestly love the sites he sends links for me to look up. Here are a few samples, before I review and describe the website I want to feature this week.

For example: VozMe. Very cool! If you didn't notice, look at the top right of the blog page, I added the light blue button that says, "Select a text, and click here for voice." Try it! Just highlight the text in this blog and click the button at the top right, and then javascript converts the text into voice and reads it for you. A great tool for English as a Second Language.

Another great site was Animoto. This is a special tool that enables you to make video with your images that are analyzed by the online software and coordinated with the music you select to play with the video. Great tool for digital storytelling. Here's a sample of what it can do. This was our ELCC Grad this past weekend.

Another site is the Microsoft Telescope This is very cool site that allows you and your students to see the galaxy via the Internet. Amazing!This would be a great tool for teaching science without having to even go outside with a big telescope.

Finally, the site that Randy sent me that I was very intrigued with was Yoowalk. This is a website that allows you to set up a profile and avatar, and then create a virtual world of links that you can browse in and out of as an actual person walking through the streets. I've enclosed an image to illustrate at the top of the page. As a teacher, you can set up a world of links where your students can tour for information and resources. This is a very site. As a teacher, I could see myself using it to get students engaged in learning. I would even ask them how they would use it too to get the most out of it.

Enjoy, and be creative.
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